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Your On-Call Handyman

We are a network of neighborhood pros, providing ongoing home repair and support services

Not very handy?

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Struggling to find a handyman or contractor?

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Want to know and trust the person working on your home?

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Need some extra help around the house?

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HomeRiff is the solution.

Why RentalRiff

How It Works

A HomeRiff property specialist - dedicated to your property - will provide ongoing home repair, maintenance, and support services. Property specialists are licensed/insured contractors and maintenance pros with a serious knack for customer service.

Property Walkthrough

we will inspect your property inside out, address any immediate repairs, and plan routine maintenance for the year

On-Call Support

when repairs or support is needed, simply ask your property specialist to come help - from hanging a picture to a flooding basement


Peace of Mind

sit back and relax knowing your property is well-kept and in good hands

Want to set up a call or request more info?

No long term commitment, cancel anytime. Pricing details here.

Currently operating in Seattle/Tacoma Metro and Bend, OR.

What our customers are saying

“HomeRiff and my property specialist hit the sweet spot for my needs. I no longer struggle to find a handyman and even small tasks are taken care of. Plus I know the person coming to my home!”

- Lisa, property owner 

“In our experience as renters, this service worked seamlessly. We never had to ask twice for any issues to be resolved and Pete was incredibly friendly -- even willing to listen to my daughter chatter away at him while he was working. Highly recommend.”

- Kris, resident

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