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Frequently Asked Questions

Is maintenance included in the monthly fee?

Yes! With our Standard plan, maintenance and support visits are included each month - up to one hour of labor for each visit.

Is preventative maintenance included?

Yes! Biannual preventative maintenance visits are included. The monthly visits are meant to fulfill on-demand maintenance and support requests as they arise.

What types of work can property specialists perform?

Our property specialists are highly experienced and have well rounded maintenance and general contracting backgrounds. Most requests can be resolved by your property specialist. If an issue lies outside the expertise of a property specialist (like replacing a sewer line) he or she will help find an appropriate professional to fix the issue. Here is an overview of general capabilities of HomeRiff property specialists. 

What services does HomeRiff not provide?

We do not do any landscaping or lawn care. As mentioned above, sometimes a project or request requires a special skill that a property specialist may not have.

Can property specialists do larger projects?

Yes! Property specialists can provide a bid for larger projects that are within their scope of expertise. If the property owner decides to work with an outside contractor, the property specialist can shepherd the process along, look over bids, and make sure the contractor is providing good work.



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