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Our Process

Property owners can hire a neighborhood property specialist to be their go-to handyman and on-call support. Here's how it works: 

Step 1

Property Walkthrough

The first step we take is to get to know our customers and their properties. We learn about any past issues, schedule projects and routine maintenance, and start building a relationship. 

Step 2

On-call Support

Any issues or projects that come up, simply reach out to your property specialist. Whether it's a simple task, a plumbing emergency, or a big project, your property specialist has you covered.

Step 3

Routine Maintenance

It's important to maintain the bones of your property. Scheduling routine maintenance visits, including one to winterize the property, goes a long way. 

What else can a HomeRiff help with?

Bigger Projects

Many of our property specialists are general contractors and can complete larger projects.

Access Our Network

We've got a large network of pros to help with more specialized work - your property specialist can facilitate bids and bring in the right folks.

Vacation Home Care

If you'd like someone to look over a second home while you're away, we can help. We'll make sure the systems continue to function and routinely check on the property.

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