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Preventative maintenance for your home

Routine preventative maintenance is well worth the time and (small) cost as it ensures a safe environment for residents and longevity for your property systems and structure.

Preventative maintenance is important for any property, be it commercial, residential, a motor home, you name it. Taking care of the systems and bones of any property will lengthen its life and save you some serious headache.

Whether you’re running through a preventative maintenance checklist yourself or you hire a professional (it’s included with RentalRiff), it’s critical to stay on top of maintaining your property. We set these up on a regular cadence with our customers.

We recommend the following preventative maintenance checklist for every property:

Replace Furnace Filters

  • Do this at least once a year. Good for the furnace, good for the air you breathe.

Change out smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

  • Do this at least once a year as well.

Inspect/clear out your dryer vent

  • The dryer vent can be a fire hazard - check out our blog post on this task.

Make sure sinks and drains are clear

  • This is an easy one to check during an annual maintenance walkthrough.

Check gutters

  • Depending on the tree situation around your property, this may require a couple visits to the property throughout the year (needles from pine trees fall in the spring and autumn).

Check the siding and roof for deterioration/issues

  • You don’t have to hop on the roof to inspect, just know what to look for (check out our blog post on the topic).

Make sure the appliances are working properly

  • Generally speaking you will know of any appliance issues, but turning them on periodically to look/listen for problems is a good idea.

Inspect crawl space for pests and water damage

Switch the GFIs

  • A good portion of the electrical calls we get can be solved by switching the GFI.

Check all systems, doors, ceilings, windows, walls, and floors

  • If you’re in for an annual property walkthrough, it goes without saying to make sure the bones of the property are functioning properly.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions on property maintenance best practices.

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